My Plans After High School

For my career in the future, I want to be In the nursing field. After graduating high school, I will receive my CNA License and graduation certificate from the South Central Career Center. Although this will be challenging, my mindset has been stuck on this. This will be my biggest preparation to better things in life! If you click here this will provide you with more information about the program that gave me a head start!

I will continue going through nursing school to become an RN. While I am attending RN school,  I will pay for my classes and take care of other priorities with the money earned from having my CNA license. As we all know this would be exhausting, but worth it!  When I am capable of being an RN, I want to meet my personal goal and travel the country. Even though it will be hard I want to pursue my passion of becoming of becoming a travel RN. Click here for more info.

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One thought on “My Plans After High School”

  1. Without a doubt in my mind I know you can do this Jay. You have the mindset to do anything you want to; I know this for a fact because you’ve been that way ever since we met in preschool. You have always been an outgoing person and never one to fail. you’ve done amazing all these years and I’m proud of you. Keep up the good work sis.

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